Building Learning Communities 2019 Sessions - Boston, MA #BLC19

Learner-Driven Inquiry and Research: 
Asking Big Questions and Finding the Best Answer

It is impossible to predict what learning will look like in the future, but we do know that learners will need to ask the right questions as well as apply critical thinking to access, evaluate, use and manage information to find the best answers. Sugata Mitra, educational researcher and winner of the 2013 TED Prize, says, “the Internet is full of answers, but the Internet is not full of the questions.” This session is designed to explore effective questioning techniques and focus on two main topics:

  • Developing Learner-Driven Questions

  • Accessing and Evaluating Information

Slides for this Session

“What Are They Thinking?” Strategies for Transparency in Learning to Tailor Instruction and Meet the Needs of All Learners

Research shows that timely feedback makes a significant impact on learning and achievement. This session will be a rich source of ideas, strategies, resources and information to give educators the power to make informed instructional decisions.
Attendees will:
-Learn about specific free services/tools that transform assessment (and make teachers’ lives easier)
-Examine the advantages of each tool and how to use these resources effectively to engage students and personalize learning
-Discover how these services/tools can give all students a voice and make thinking visible
-Participate in an activity that can be replicated with staff and students

HyperDoc for the Session