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Client Quotes...

“Lainie’s guidance and innovative ideas have inspired me and made a lasting impact on my teaching.”

“This was an amazing training! We spent the first three days of our vacation in this training, and I would not trade a minute of it!!”

“Thanks for making things so easy to understand.”

“Lainie was an absolutely ideal workshop facilitator. She is friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. She made me very excited about the possibilities.”

“I really enjoyed Lainie's patience and overall presentation. She listened to our comments and questions and adapted her presentation to fit our needs.”

“This was by far the best presentation I have attended in 15 years of teaching.”

“Lainie is one of those rare presenters that can be sensitive to individual needs/abilities and differentiates!!!! I would love to sit in on her classes over and over. Without a doubt this was the best training I have ever had. If I could pay to attend more of her trainings in my free time, I definitely would.”